When Will We Become Lebanese ?

Written by Racha El Halabi

Sometimes I tend to think what is missing in the Lebanese equation are the set of ideals and principals that define Lebanon the country is supposed to represent. In essence these ideals and principals make up the soul that pumps life into this person called Lebanon.

The irony of Lebanon is that it is a country with 4.5 million inhabitants but very few Lebanese citizens.

In fact, a country with no citizens will not stand, at least not for long and it will never be anything to be proud of.

It is really hard to ask “Will there ever be enough Lebanese to reclaim the country?” , but it is definetely harder to ask “When will we become Lebanese? ” , without remembering the amazing Ad a couple of years ago, that presented the issue of our national identity so effortlessly, so succinctly, so bluntly .. That Ad has certainly targeted a big purpose ..

As for me, I sure hope one day we will become so .. but I’ll not hold my breath ..

You can check the Ad on the following Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmcC0HI6lto


#iLoveLebanonBecause Initiative




“What started with me as an act of hope became a large trend among lebanese tweeps and that is more than one can ask ! ” , that’s what Philippe Abou Zeid ☞Politics &Media Expert ☞Producer &Reporter @LBCgroup , tweeted after #ILoveLebanonBecause initiative has Reached 1.2 Million users (Timeline reach) and over 340 000 Twitter users where reacting .

“Started April 12. 2nd Day it was booming and linked it to #April13 we were spreading a message of PEACE by #ILoveLebanonBecause ” says Philippe.

And when he was asked about the reason that made him start this initiative, he replied : ” I was living a struggle of Pessimism &Thinking what can change this? #ILoveLebanonBecause I wanted to do something Positive for it”

A page on facebook was also created, to spread the word.


It’s describtion goes like that :

on #April13 1975 the Lebanese War Broke Out. 37 years later ; Initiative Started April 12 , 2012 on Twitter / 7:04 PM My 1st tweet was this : Let’s work for a new Worldwide Trend on #Twitter : #ILoveLebanonBecause I always find it a perfect country .

What started as an initiative to Trend WorldWide on Twitter , Turned out to become a massive Trend in Lebanon to Spread a message of Hope and Peace to All Lebanese People.
on #April13 we decided to Start tweeting massively between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM in order to spread the Word and to Try to Trend WorldWide,

in one Hour only we have registred around 54 000 Tweets.

… The whole #ILoveLebanonBecause initiative Reached 1.2 Million users (Timeline reach) and over 340 000 Twitter users where reacting .

on #April13 1975 the Lebanese War Broke Out.
37 years later, on the same day, Lebanese people Said no to war and found a million reason why to say #ILoveLebanonBecause !

This is Not Gona STOP !

Therefore, Philippe will be tweeting for one whole our NONSTOP tonight for #Lebanon between 7:00 and 8:00 PM . JOIN HIM ! AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE !