On my 19th Birthday – Racha El Halabi

Today I realised i’ve been given so many years to experience what life is about.

19 years I enjoyed so many excitement, happiness, and hard moments as well.

A 19 fruitful years shaped me to become the person I am today.

I am first thankful to be able to receive the nature’s greatest miracle called life. Thank you GOD.

I am also thankful to my family, the best gift i could ever receive, for being with me all the time. The love, prayers and greetings they share with me are undescribable, withot them i’d be a lost soul wandering this universe alone.

And finally i want to thank everyone who became part of my life: my friends and collegues ! Thank you for being there, showering me the path, thank you for always caring & giving it all you have, staying by my side & giving me the courage to do things I’ve never done before.

Thank you for telling me what’s wrong and what’s right, and helping me on the path to life!

Your simple ways contributed to what I am feeling right now. I am blessed because of you all !

My birthday might already end, but still goes on. It’s another year that will come and go. I’m older, but yet much wiser.

Many thanks to all who made my day, by sending me warm wishes, posts / tweets / whatsapp .. etc..

Love you all 🙂 And thank you for your trust !


-Racha El Halabi-